Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the St Margaret’s Bay Toy Library have a membership (and fee) when other playgroups are free?

Many other area playgroups are directly supported by community organizations and run as an outreach. The St. Margaret’s Bay Toy library has operated for nearly 30 years in the community as a fully independent and parent-led playgroup and service to parents of the area. It has always operated as a co-operative, whereby parents volunteer and support the organization through memberships and fundraising. This has allowed for this continuity throughout its history of providing a parent focused and high quality playgroup that has been noted to be very inclusive to all parents and caregivers. Due to increasing community support thought the Bay Treasure Chest, we have been fortunate to be able to limit the cost to families for this service to a nominal fee and minimal fundraising and volunteering. Collecting memberships facilitates the ongoing costs to operate the Toy Library, particularly operational expenses such as rent paid on the facility that houses both the playgroup. It also facilitates a significant investment in high quality, educational toys that are available to borrow, free of charge as a part of our programming.

What does it mean to be a member?

Members pay a nominal fee ($10 per term) and commit to helping to volunteer to keep the playgroup running. This is a very small time commitment and can consist of helping to set up playgroup or clean up after playgroup is complete. We also ask that members sign up to supply snacks at least once per term. The snack itself is paid for by the SMBTL by supplying gift cards to local supermarkets. We ask that all snacks be nut free and healthy in nature.

What advantages are there to being a member of SMBTL?

Membership offers the following advantages

  • Ability to partake in all activities
  • Covering of admission costs on outside activities sponsored by SMBTL
  • Ability to borrow toys from the toy library
  • Opportunity to meet and form a network of local parents

What if I don’t have time to volunteer?

We appreciate that no everyone is willing or able to commit to membership. For this reason, we encourage others to attend our playgroup as a ‘drop-in’ member with a nominal drop in fee of $2 per visit.

Do I need to register before coming to the playgroup for the first time

No, you may drop in anytime between 9:30 and 11:30 every Wednesday that the Toy Library is open.

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact us or message us on Facebook if you have any questions.