The St. Margaret’s Bay Toy Library is a member/parent run co-op. As a co-op, we need member participation in order to exist. All members are encouraged to join a committee to bring their unique skills to our group. These roles are not difficult or time consuming – they just help to keep playgroup running smoothly. Of course, we are all busy, but in truth, none of these committees are very demanding, and in fact, the toy library is so co-operative that we all lend a hand at almost all of these jobs at one time or another… so don’t panic!

Executive Committee

They are responsible for the week to week running of the Bay Toy Library including set-up/clean up of the play space and supplies. The executive committee is made up of two Co-Chairs a Secretary and a Treasurer. Co-Chairs are actively involved in helping all committees and general operations.

Toy Committee

They choose, buy and catalogue new toys and games with input from the general membership and approval from the Executive Committee about what would be fun and appropriate. They deal with issues such as the annual toy inventory and cleaning, broken toys, missing pieces, etc.

Craft & Party Planning Committee

They plan a craft for the weekly playgroup and ensure all supplies are available as well as set up the craft and show the children. They also plan games, activities and crafts for the seasonal parties and any other special events.


They plan and co-ordinate fundraising activities (helping with Bay Treasure Chest Count, Vessey’s Seeds Fundraiser, etc).


They publicize the St. Margaret’s Bay Toy Library and our activities in the community, through newspaper ads, community education booklets, posters and pamphlets.

Join a committee

If you would like to join a committee please let a committee member know during our weekly playgroup or contact us using the contact form on this page.