How Things Work


All children must be accompanied by an adult while at the toy library, parents/caregivers are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times. The ride-on toys and other high-action toys are only to be used in the area away from the play mats which are for quiet play/smaller children. Please pay special attention when your children are using ride-on toys or doing active play (running, playing with balls etc.) because it can be easy for the big kids to inadvertently knock over a smaller child. Please do not allow children to leave the gym unattended.

Allergen Information:

We ask that if you bring any pre-packaged foods (crackers, cookies, pepperoni etc.) that you either bring the food in it’s original package or bring the ingredients listing so parents/caregivers of children with food allergies may make an informed decision.


Our facility is a nut free zone. All snacks must be nut free


Every week we have healthy (nut free) snacks, and cold drinks for the children. We also have coffee and tea for the parents. Snacks are provided each week by our members. We ask that each member sign up to bring a snack at least once per term. Members will be provided with a $25 gift card the week before to purchase healthy nut free snacks. Parents/caregivers are responsible for portioning out a snack for their child as well as cleaning up after their own children. Napkins, paper towels, wipes as well as garbage, recycling and compost bags are provided for clean up.

‘Pot Luck’ Events

Occasionally we have ‘Pot Luck’ events in which each member provides something. A list of required food items (i.e fruit or veggie tray, cheese tray etc.) will be made available for members to sigh up to bring something. We encourage everyone to participate but please ensure that any items (particularly baked goods or anything from a restaurant/cafe) are nut free.

Set-up/Tear Down

Setting up the playspace and cleaning up can be a time consuming task. We ask that at least once per term each member help with set up or cleanup of the playspace. Involving your child can help teach organization and cleaning skills. If we all pitch in, many hands will make light work.