Toy Checkout

toy-lending-logoThe St. Margaret’s Bay Toy Library is a great resource for children in the Bay communities to borrow toys from our library of toys.

Toys may be borrowed for a period of two weeks. A maximum of two toys may be borrowed per family at one time. Please make sure you are a conscientious borrower and return toys in the same shape you borrowed them in.

Toy Check Out

  • Put your name, the toy’s description, number and notes (like missing pieces) and the correct date on your toy sign out form on the back of your membership card in the membership binder.
  • Count the number of pieces before you check out the toy. For example, IP8A10 indicates that this is the eighth toy in the ‘Imaginative Play’ category, and that it has 10 pieces. A descriptive list of the pieces can be found on the toy inventory card, and on the inventory tag attached to the mesh toy bag. Record any missing pieces.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a member of the executive committee.

Toy Return

  • Clean the toys before returning them to the toy library.
  • All pieces should be present and in the same condition as when borrowed.
  • If something has been misplaced, don’t worry just make a note of missing or broken/removed pieces on both the toy inventory card, and the inventory tag attached to the toy’s mesh storage bag. Those pieces often have a way of turning up in the strangest places!
  • Note the return date on your toy sign out card in the membership binder.
  • Return the toy to the toy cabinet or toy shed.

If a toy is permanently lost or badly damaged, the borrower is responsible for replacement cost up to a maximum of $50.00.